Anna Altamirano
Height: 5'4"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brunette
Union: Non-Union
Sonder Natalia Mazen Ismael
Frames Maria Alejandro Hendricks
Pulling Faces Mime Sadie Lidji
Blow-Up Veruschka Marcelo De-Stephano
The Doll Scarlet Isabel Meza
Hard Feelings Anna Sheridan Rodgers
A Tiny American Nancy Pelosi Jessie Trott
In A Dream Tay Malanie Gardea
SOR/OR Desire UT Roundabout 2019
The Things We Can't Hear In Silence Sameera UT CNW Festival/2019
Wonder of the World Karla UT Alpha Psi Omega/2018
Aladdin Jr. Jasmine SHS Theatre/2016
Antigone Antigone SHS Theatre/2015
Commercial & Print
List available upon request.

University of Texas at Austin - B.A. Theatre and Dance

Advanced Acting - Christin Davis

Voiceover Training - Corey Allen

Austin Film Festival - Theatre Manager

UT Theatre Workshop - Acting/Singing/Dancing

Singing Lessons - Ms. Gloria Cheever

Dance Lessons - McAllen Ballet

International Thespian - State Convention

Special Skills
Technical Theatre: Stage Hand, Costume, Design, Set Design, Lighting Design, Artist: Self-taught artist, painting, ceramics, sculptures, crochet fashion, Foreign Language: Spanish, French, Stage Combat: Falls, Punches, Flip Overs Etc., Instruments: Guitar
English, Spanish