Ashlee Elizabeth Bashore Bashore
Height: 5'8"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
Union: Non-Union
Sugar Cookie April - lead Sweet Bread Studio / Jena Subra
Call Waiting Carolyne - lead BWA Productions
Happy Campers: A Musical Comedy Mrs. Martin Belmount Avenue Productions
Eye of the Tiger Reporter UNCUT Productions / Mark Dalh
Welcome Home Ashlyn - lead Cruz Control Pictures / Jose Cruz
Le Bee Marsha Parker - lead UNCUT Productions / Jena Subru
The Paradigm Shift Lynette - supporting Remember Entertainment / Jon Barr
Three Sisters Natasha Ivanova Katherine Owens
LAUGH Octobra/Crip/Thalbug/et. all Theater Three/Jeffery Schmidt
The Novelist Sophie Mark Theatre Three/Gregory Lush
Issac's Ete Catherine Amphibian Stage/Mary Kate Burke
To Kill a Mockingbird Jean Louise Hope Summer Rep/Jon Tommy
Les Miserables Ensemble Hope Summer Rep/David Collaci
Hay Fever Myra Hope Summer Rep/ Lou Rackoff
Bedroom Farce Jan Stage West/Jim Covalt
THIS Jane SMU/Margo Jones Theatre/Sarah Hamilton
A Christmas Carol Past/Sister/Ensemble Dallas Theatre Center/The Wyle/Kevin Moriarty
The Women Merriam Arrons SMU/Greer Garson/Blake Hackler
Twelth Night Mariah/Olivia SMU/Kathy Bates Studio/Company
The Rimers of Elderitch Cora SMU/Greer Garson/Bernard Cummings
Major Barbara Major Barbara SMU/Steven Fried
Tenneesee One Acts H. Moore/Ariadne SMU/Kathy Bates Studio/Bernard Cummings
Interim Tish SMU/Ezra Bookman
Play (Beckett) Wife 1 EgoPo at Painted Bride/Lane Savadove
Josepsh and the Amazing... Wife/Ft. Dancer New Candlelight Theatre/Sony Leo
Cabaret F. Kost The Prince Music Theatre/Brenna Geffers
Doll's House Nora Randall Theatre/Mat Wright
Five Women/Same Dress Georgeanne Randall Theatre/Roberta Sloan
Deliver Us From Evil Tough Tony Tomlinson Stage/David Ingram
Twelfth Night (Touring) Toby Belch Temple Theatres David Ingram
Tommy Ensemble/Ft. Dancer The Road Company/Colin Maier
Tobias (World Premier) Elizabeth Randall Theatre K. Williams-With
Biloxi Blues Rowena Randall Theatre/Yana Edleman
Commercial & Print
List available upon request.

Acting - Donna Snow, Jim Crawford, Blake Hackler, Bernard Cummings

Movement - William Lengfelder, Fanny Kerwich

Voice/Fitzmaurice (Stage) - Donna Snow, Jack Greenman, Anne Schilling

Voice/Musical Theatre (Singing) - Bill Mayo, Peter Reynolds

Viewpoints (Workshops) - Patricia McGregor

Movement (Workshops) - Enda Walsh, Michael Keegan-Dolan

Freestyle/Hip-Hop (Workshops) - Karen Getz, Sammy Reyes, Will Power

Improv - Blake Hackler, Bobbie Block

Special Skills
Dialects, Ballet II, Modern, Jazz, Mezzo-Soprano, G3-G5 Range/belt, Unarmed Combat, Weapons Training, Bassoon, Improvisation, Physical Comedy, Music Training