Becky Leigh
Height: 5'7"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brunette
Union: Non-Union
The Republic of Rick Lead Dir: Mario Kyprianou
Condoms in Porn Lead Funny or Die Short
Can't Boil Water Lead KSM Productions
I'm in LA Lead KSM Productions
I Love My Dog Lead KSM Productions
Dats Hats Principal KSM Productions
Gorillas Principal KSM Productions
Let's Misbehave Principal Drexel University
Straight Vanilla Various Second City LA
Lysistrata Myrhinne International Theatre Festival, Cyprus
Mr. Marmalade Sookie Omicron Theatre Project
Pride and Prejudice Caroline Bingley Bloomsburg University
Vagina Monologues Various Bloomsburg University
United We Stand Reader Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble
Measure for Measure Isabella Bloomsburg University
Arabian Nights Flora Virginia Wesleyan College
Drunk Girls Improv Group Improv Ensemble (IO West)
Pawn Shop Improv Group Improv Ensemble (IO West)
Helium Improv Group Improv Ensemble (IO West)
Commercial & Print
List available upon request.

Improv - NOW Improv with Annie and Levin O'Connor

Improv - IO West (Completed)

Improv - Upright Citizens Brigade (Level 1)

Improv - The Groundlings (Intermediate)

Commercial Auditioning - Killian's Workshop - Los Angeles

Character Workshop - Mo Collins

Acting - Joan Scheckel

Acting - Judith Weston

Acting - Marjorie Ballentine

Acting - Bloomsburg University

Special Skills
Body Surfing, Bowling, Ice Skating, Pogo Stick, Roller Skating, Snorkeling, Surfing, Swimming, Trampoline, Volleyball, Yoga, British - BBC English Accent, Midwest Accent, New York Accent, Southern Accent