Jeremy McFarland
Height: 5'6"
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brunette
Union: Non-Union
Cyber-Psycho Chronicles Mugshot Photo Harry Keane/GemStar Studios
Commercial & Print
List available upon request.

Voice Acting Mastery Instructed by Crispin Freeman

Vocal Health 101 Instructed by Kaya Renwick on Skillshub

Script Analysis 101 Instructed by Yvonne Viner on Skillshub

Plan it!! Instructed by Spike Spencer on Skillshub

Voiceover Classes Instructed by Steve Blumm on Blumvox Studios

Improv for VO Instructed by Kiff VandenHeuvel on Voice Trax West

Character Creation Instructed Brian Palermo on Skillshub

How to Lose any Accent in 3 easy steps Instructed by Eliza Schneider on Voice Trax West

Advance Acting Foundation Instructed by Savannah Boucher on Michael Turney Acting Classes

Special Skills
Welder, Body Builder, Power Lifter, Strongman, Character Voices, Creature Noices, Voiceover , Deathcore Vocalist, Mechanic, Cosplayer, Gamer, Sewing, Basic Carpentry Skills, Experienced with Firearms, Can ride a motorcycle, Can ride and operate a Forklift and JLG Lift