Jim Blumetti
Height: 5'10"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Grey
The High Schooler's Guide to College Parties Lead Dir. Patrick Johnson
Steps of Faith Supporting Dir. M Legend Brown
Kissed by the Devil Supporting Dir. M Legend Brown
The Fifth Lead Dir. Brad Eggerton
Altarcation Supporting Dir. Red Sanders
Fissure Lead Dir. Russ Pond
The Killer's Reprieve Supporting Dir. Richard Crook
Why Do I Look Like My Father Supporting Dir. M Legend Brown
The Dark Dealer Supporting Dir. Tom Alexander
Scanner Cop II: The Showdown (Video) Supporting Dir. Steve Barnett
Dirty Red Lead Dir. M Legend Brown
New Hope Supporting Dir. Bill Rhoten
Bail Out Lead Dir. Dennis O'Neil
Rememer Me Lead Dir. Nicolette Nanos
Nobody's Perfect Supporting Dir. David S. Arthus
Salem Co-Star WGN America
The Good Guys Guest Star FOX
In Plain Sight Guest Star USA
Glitch Series Regular Spec Pilot
Bail Out Series Regular Spec Pilot
Exposed Guest Star Warner Bros. TV
Walker, Texas Ranger Co-Star CBS
The Secretary (TV Movie) Co-Star CBS
Jesse's Diary Series Regular Spec Pilot
Commercial & Print
List available upon request.
Special Skills
Accents: French, German, Irish, Italian, Middle Eastern, Russian, Scottish, Dialects: American - Mid Western, New England, New York, Southern, Stage Combat, Motocycle Riding - General, Firearms: Revolver/Automatic, Rifle, Skeet/Trap, Sports: Boxing, Martial Arts, Raquetball,