Joe Berryman
Height: 5'9"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Making a Killing Gene Markel...Supporting Devin Hume
Gold Angry Investor...Player Stephen Gagha
Hell or High Water Bank Manager David Mackenzie
Gambit Cashier...Player Michael Hoffman
A Million Ways To Die In The West Teacher...Player Seth MacFarlane
Paul Steve...Player Gregg Mottola
Abe Makes A Movie Carl...Supporting Ryan Turli
I Am Gabriel Reverand Green...Supporting Mike Norris
Sex and Lies in Sin City Judge....Player Peter Medak
The Love Ranch SportsWriter....Player Taylor Hackford
Jailbirds Wallace Crenshaw...Supporting Burt Brinkerhoff
Fire and Rain Michael Steinberg...Supporting Jerry Jameson
Finding The Way Home Ernie...Supporting Rod Holcombe
The Long Hot Summer Hampton Merriweather...Support Stewart Cooper
Flesh and Bone Preacher...Player Steve Kloves
Night of The White Pants Oilman...Player Amy Talkington
Bonnie and Clyde, The True Story Harold Marner...Supporting Gary Hoffman
Parental Advisory Donald Beane...Supporting Mark Waters
Challenger Arnie Aldrich...Supporting Glenn Jordan
Wild Texas Wind Cop...Player Joan Tewkesbury
Hard Promises Stan...Supporting Lee Grant
At The End of The Santa Fe Trail Old Man...Player Thomas Sanchez
Arizona Attendant...Player
Graves Chet Whitaker Ian McDonald
Better Call Saul Big Ricky Nicole Kassel
Longmire Lead Councillor..Player Peter Weller
Killer Women Sheriff Marcos...Player Hannah Shakespeare
In Plain Sight Judge Bargas (2 Ep.)...Player Dan Lerner
Crash Car Salesman...Player Stefan Swartz
Xena Warrior Princess Senticles...Guest Star John Kretchmer
Walker Texas Ranger Various (3 Ep.)..Player Michael Preece
Dallas Various (3 Ep.) Player Leonard Katzman
Enid Blyton Series Ex Marine...Guest Star Declan Eames
Manhattan Carl...Player Thomas Schalme
Commercial & Print
List available upon request.
Special Skills
Dialects (Cajun, Southern, Irish, Cockney, British, Minnesota/Wisconsin), Stage Combat Training (Hand-To-Hand, Swords), Dance (Ballroom), Golf, Drive A Boat, Fishing (Fly Fishing), Skeet/Trap Shooting, Scuba Diver, Bartender, Carpentry, Chef, Horseback Riding (General), Driving Skills (4WD, ATV, Precision Driver, Stick Shift, Motorcycle, Road Bike)