Larry Grant Harbin
Height: 74
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Red On Yella (Pre-Prod) SAG Supporting/Tom Nixon Duane Graves
Take The Spotlight Supporting/Levi Drew Medueke
Parker Lead/Harvey Juan Flores
The Sharla Butler Story Supporting/Dr. Joseph Swain Maurice Durham
The Garden & The Wilderness Lead/Will James Craig Whitney
Jump Out Boys Lead/Lt. Gates Patrick Smith
Blissful Lies Supporting/Dr. Jim Crawford Jenifer Scott - Thomas
Bottles Supporting/WJ Guy Valentino
Whitehorse Revelations Supporting/US Marshal River Roubaix
The Reckoning Supporting/Walter Monroe Jackie Karch
Amygdala Murray/Lead Ian Grubbs
My Little Phantom Phantom/Supporting Jordan Sutton
Shifiting Faults Herbet/Lead David Sowen
Used To Love Her Lead/Tom Nixon Justin Meeks, Greeks Productions
Wanada The Wonderful Cowboy Boxleiter Productions/ Carolyn Macartney
Chase Featured Jerry Bruckheimer
The Good Guys Featured Bradley Whitford
Lone Star Featured Marc Webb
Commercial & Print
List available upon request.

Workshop - Keith David Workshop

Hartt & Soul Acting Studio - Cathryn Hartt

Workshop - Ken Farmer Acting Coach

Workshop - Jason Wood, CSA, Workshop

Workshop - Barbara Brinkley

Special Skills
Ruggedly Handsome, Excellent Driver, Horsemanship, Gun, Rifles, Marksman, Former Military, Runner, Subtle Film Nunces Style, Drama, Improv