Lindsey Lemke
Height: 5'4"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
Union: SAG Eligible
The Darlings (Short Film) Lead Dir. Liz Tabish / Maenad Films
Cecilia Lead Dir. Liz Tabish / Maenad Films
Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains Supporting Dir. Paulo Biscaia Filho / Big House Pictures
Inhumanity Supporting Dir. Joe McReynolds / Sweet Baby Jane Productions
Descension (Short Film) Supporting Dir. Grant Jordon
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Featured Dir. Robert Rodriguez / Trouble Maker Studios
Machete Kills Featured Dir. Robert Rodriguez / Trouble Maker Studios
Ty Weatherford Music Video Co-Star "Moving down the road" / Dir. Jesse Dayton
The Price of Fame / Johnny Depp Episode Co-Star - Traci Lords Dir. Brad Osborne / AMS Pictures
Portal (Web Series) Lead Dir. Liz Tabish / 3:33 Productions
Revolution Featured - Recurring Call Girl Dir. Helen Shaver / J.J. Abrams
The Lying Game Featured ABC Family Series / The Gotham Group
Commercial & Print
List available upon request.

Film Acting Workshop & Camera Technique Training - Gerry Grennell & Stephen Bridgewater

On-Camera & Film Acting Coaching - Stephen Bridgewater

Film Acting Coaching at BriteLites Studio - Mona Lee Fultz

Scene Study & Acting Coaching - Carol Hickey

Studied Improv - Institution Theater

Acting Workshop - Dan Fauci

Mastery Workshop - Van Brooks

Martial Arts, Kenpo & Samurai Sword Training - Michael Abedin

Fight Choreagraphy Training - Aaron Alexander

Stunt Training - Steve Wolf / Stunt Ranch

Special Skills
Musical Performance, Guitar, Singing, Dance: Salsa, Go-Go, Interpretive, Waltz, Two-Step, Stunts: High Fall, Fight Choreagraphy, Stunt Driving Experience, Zip Lining, Beginner Kenpo / Martial Arts & Samurai Sword Training, Handling Reptiles, Handling Rodents, Horseback Riding, Waterskiing, Jet Skiing, Sailing, French Accent, Brittish Accent, Licensed Cosmetologist , Hairstylist