Michael Aills
Height: 72
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brunette
Union: Non-Union
Twilight: Breaking Dawn PT 1 & 2 Photo Double ( Robert Pattinson) Summit Ent.
Mothman Supporting SYFY Channel
Language of a Broken Heart Supporting Rockhouse Films
Cake: A Wedding Story Supporting Frosting Prods
Commercial & Print
List available upon request.

Dallas Comedy House - Improv (ongoing) - Dallas,TX

Doug Warhit - Scene Study, On Camera - Los Angeles, CA

Duane Whitacker - Scene Study - Los Angeles, CA

Will Wallace - Scene Study - Los Angeles, CA

Special Skills
Dialects/Accents: Various Southern, , Various Street,Various British, French, Array of Character Voices (Gollom etc), Baseball, Tennis, Football, Soccer, Swimming, Running, Dance: Hip hop, Freestyle