Mike Maiella
Height: 5'6"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Union: Non-Union
The Investment Dan Ryan Callahan
Fish Out of Water Fred Trevor Thrall
The Teampest Prospero Steve Bissex
The Forced Marriage Father Johnathan Aylor
Cloud Tectonics Nelson Ed Cisneros
Clizia Pirro Vincent Giardina
Wicked Lion Jessica Greene
Travesties Lenin Nathan Landry
The Beaux' Stratagem Boniface Patrick Kelly
Hold On, Hortense Mr. Sumatra Christian Dupree
The Bald Soprano Mr. Smith Tim Amorella
The Marriage Proposal Tschubokov Becky Winstead
Caligula Longinus Patrick Daneil
Cecile Orlas Teresa Lemieux
The Road to Run Hosier Patrick Kelly
A Midsummer Night's Dream Bottom Peter Heyne
Commercial & Print
List available upon request.
Special Skills
Basketball, Fishing, Frisbee, Hiking, Jogging, Running, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Swimming, Improv, Long Form, Stand - Up Comedy, Dialects, Italian, New York/Bronx, New York/Brooklyn, Southern, Guitar, Harmonica, Trumpet, Comedian, Hosting, Road Biking, Trails Riding, Drives 4WD, Stick Shift, Facial Hair, Beard, Clean Shaven