Richard Stubblefield
Height: 72
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Union: Non-Union
The Goat Billy River City Repetory Theatre
Omnium Gatherum Mohammed Unicorn Theatre
Hedda Gabler Lovborg Metropolitan Ensemble Theater
Henry V Orleans Heart of America Shakespeare Festival
Everyday Heroes Kurt Coterie Theatre
Our Town George Gibbs Allied Theare Group/Stage West
The Tangled Web Owen Colterie Theatre
Search for Odysseus Achilles/Cyclops Coterie Theatre
A Christmas Carol Albert Hall, etc. Kansas CIty Repetory Theatre
A Christmas Carol Fred Guest/Ens. Kansas City Reportory Theatre
The Compleat Works of William Shakespeare Adam Bard Incarnate Company
Zorro! Gomez/Padre Coterie Theatre
Sacagawea Charbonneau Coterie Theatre
Romeo and Juliet Tybalt Fort Worth Theatre
Living Out Richard Missouri Repetory Theatre
Commercial & Print
List available upon request.

MFA in Acting - University of Missouri-Kansas City

BFA in Theatre Peformance (emphasis acting) - Texas Christian University

Special Skills
Combat - Rapier and Dagger, Combat - Single Rapier, Combat - Hand to hand, Combat - Broadsword, Combat - Quarterstaff, Singing - Baritenor, Juggling, Ballroom Dance - Waltz, Ballroom Dance - Tango, Ballroom Dance - Foxtrot, Ballroom Dance - Rumba, Ballroom Dance - Mambo, Ballroom Dance - Cha-cha, Ballroom Dance - Merengue, Ballroom Dance - Samba, Ballroom Dance - Balero, Ballroom Dance - Swing, Dialect - Standard British , Dialect - Okalahoma, Dialect - Russo-German, Dialect - Middle Eastern, Acrobatics - lifts, rolls, headstands, Various voices