Stacey Delp
Height: 63
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brunette
Union: Non-Union
Demo Reel
Mandatory Overtime Supporting Tory Armor, SEV Inc.
Father Kniows Best Supporting Catherine Gray
HSN, AS Guest Host TravelSmith,San Francisco, CA
On The Spot- Pilot Co-Star David Keir, SEV Inc
The Collective- Pilot Ensemble Michael Pierson, Northwind Films
Target Video Network Principal Patrick Allen, Broadview Media
Laugh Lounge MC, Ensemble Comedy Club Minneapolis
Forecast Productions Ensemble Touring Company
The Crucible Betty Paris Cawthra Park Canada
Commercial & Print
List available upon request.

Commercial Workshop- Shannon Pinkston

Atomic Casting

On Camera Auditioning

The Business of Show Biz-Jean Rohn

Cawthra Park School of Performing Arts

Special Skills
Aerobics, Canoeing, Ice Skating, Running, Snorkeling, Swimming, Yoga , Ballet, Ear Prompter, Teleprompter, British-BBC, English Accent , Canadian Accent , Cockney Accent , Irish Accent , Midwest Accent , New York Accent , Southern Accent , Spanish Accent