Stephen Kirkham
Height: 6'0"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brunette
Union: Non-Union
Demo Reel
Maranatha Lead Jack Langlois, Dir
They Might Spit in Your Food Lead Jack Langlois, Dir
Bridge Supporting Alex Luprete, Dir
Violet Slumber Lead Sebastian Bisbal, Dir.
Overlook Lead Lauren Izard, Dir.
Seperate Waves Lead Johnathan Holdforth, Dir
A Song For Danny Lead Andrew Garbus, Dir
Maria's Dandelion Lead Madli Laane, Dir
Donnie Davies Supporting Toby Halbrooks, Dir
Light and Day Singer Jarvis Cocker, Dir
Grace Lead Michael Gibson, Dir
Later with Jools Holland Singer BBC
Top of the Pops Singer BBC
Q Awards Singer BBC
Hedwig and The Angry Inch* Skszp/ Musical Director Kitchen Dog Theater
The Tooth of Crime Crow Youth Could Know
Into the Woods Rapunzel's Prince RISD Summer Stock
Translations Jimmy Jack Black Box Theatre
Commercial & Print
List available upon request.

Meadows School of the Arts SMU, Dallas, TX School of Theater

Special Skills
Singing, Guitar, Piano, Songwriting/composition, Sound Design, movement, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Swimming, Vocal imitations and dialects, carpentry, DJ