Timeca Seretti
Height: 5'4
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brunette
Union: SAG-AFTRA Eligible
Demo Reel
Good Feels on Wheels Delilah Ronald Short
Bad Things Christina Mira Lippold-Johnson
1040 Not so EZ Cecilia Ibrahim David Nguyen
The Conway Curve Agent Maxine Grimes Marian Yeager
Eleanor and the Egg Mrs. Larsson Kelly Ota
A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale Bea Letia Clouston
AWOL The Interviewer Vernon Smith
Divine Access Neicy Steven C. Prince
The Gift Candace Raymond J Schlogel
The Bag Lady Monique Ericka Marsalis LaManna
Frame Switch Brenda Marketta Drew Thomas
Beyond the Darkness The Fixer Danny Carrales
Hope Tina LaKisha Lemons
Angels Sing Nurse Lifetime TV
The Association Theresa Bayne Ryan Wickerham
A Swinging Trio Trude Garcon-Moore Kelvin Phillips
Blacktino Ellen Aaron Burns
Drama Auntie Raymond J Schlogel
NBC Revolution #217 Whe We Fight Co-Star Fred Toye
Direct TV and NBC: Friday Night Lights #401 East of Dillon Co-Star Peter Berg
Commercial & Print
List available upon request.

On Camera Scene Study - Step Rowe

Step it up Retreat - Step Rowe

Commercial Audition Technique - Donise L Hardy

Meisner - Laurel Vouvray

Film Intensive - Jo Edna Boldin

Auditioning Master Class - Richard Robichaux

Acting Workshop - Toni Cobb Brock

Film Acting Intensive - Step Rowe

Acting Workshop - Brock/Allen Studio

Audition Bootcamp - Beth Sepko

Special Skills
US Navy 1987-1989, E3 Honorable Discharge, Bikram Yoga, Level 1 Stunt Training, Intermediate Acoustic Guitar, Beginning Level Drums